Korimako Ruma – Under Twos

Research tells us that tamariki who attend high quality early childhood programs demonstrate better maths and language skills, better cognition and social skills, better interpersonal relationships and better behaviour regulation than tamariki in lower quality care.

The primary caregivers in the Korimako (Bellbird) Ruma are passionate for providing a safe, warm, nurturing environment – a home away from home!

Kaiako consider themselves an extension of your family/whānau, striving to care for tamariki as well as you do. At this early stage tamariki are supported to establish relationships with a “key kaiako” who will get to know routines, likes, dislikes and strengths and who encourages emotional, physical and cognitive development making the transition into the early childhood environment a smooth and emotionally pleasurable process.

Kaiako also have ongoing background training on facilitating tamariki natural movement to learn style and understanding of body-brain connections that ensure tamariki build optimal learning foundations for life.

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Our teachers are extremely passionate about the care, love and education they give your infants/toddlers.
We invite you to come and see for yourself! Here’s what some of our parents say ….

“What makes Methven Pre School really special to us is that most of the teachers are the very same ones who took such great care of our first child 8 years ago. The overall service is outstanding and we are sure that there are hundreds of other parents in the community who feel the same way as us.”

Carl & Deidra McHugh

"Our girls absolutely love the environment. They feel safe and are away from the hustle and bustle of the older kids. They get fabulous care and attention with people we know well. It amazes us what the girls have learnt at such a young age due to the full attention they get. We can’t recommend Methven Pre School highly enough!

Chantal & Steve Ling

"We are very thankful to have such a great Pre School in our town and as the staff have been there long term, this has given our children stability and they have built strong relationships with the staff. Thank you for all that you do!”

Helen & Mark Breach