Kea Ruma – Over Twos

As you enter the Methven Pre School the sound of happy, excited children is a significant indicator
that this environment is a fun and happy place for your child.

Our strategic planning, and philosophy drive our local curriculum focus areas and include but is not limited to:

 ‘Moving smart’ (a moving child is a learning child) which is a physically active daily diet of movement-based curriculum that is fostered throughout each day, building a natural foundation for academic success, emotional development, social engagement and personal fulfilment. 

All our kaiako receive professional development to enhance knowledge of the dynamic move-to-learn process and what real learning looks like.

Social & emotional Well-Being: Behaviour management strategies: supporting tamariki as they develop ability to self-regulate and self-manage heightened emotions. Our kaiako are encouraged to develop skills in nurturing tamariki social and emotional competence through the Incredible Years Progamme.

We are also developing our thinking and ethics with tamariki around sustainability with the support of Eco educate.

 Identity, language & culture for Māori, pakeha and all other cultures is important to us, and we strive to ensure all tamariki & families/whānau feel welcomed and develop a strong sense of belonging. In our practice this means all tamariki experience, learn about, and connect with te ao Māori (the Māori world).