Kea Ruma – Over Twos

As you enter the Methven Pre School the sound of happy, excited children is a significant indicator
that this environment is a fun and happy place for your child.

Teachers make every effort to ensure your child feels welcome and ensure the programme provides plenty of learning opportunities through the provision of specific resources which build on your child’s natural curiosity and interests regardless of ethnic/cultural background.
As a non-profit organisation you are assured that all funds are put back into the Pre School for the ongoing provision and upkeep of fabulous resources and to allow teachers to receive the professional development required to ensure the growth of their ongoing proficiency as they nurture your child’s natural capacity to play and learn.
Through play activities which are appropriate to all developmental stages children are supported with physical skills, social routines and cognitive development and the natural part of every child’s make up and their love of learning can be intimately linked with children’s passion for play.

Our teachers empower children to learn by building on the child’s own experiences, knowledge, skills, curiosity, interests and views of the world.
They develop partnerships with parents/whanau in order to support two way sharing of knowledge and understanding between the Pre School, home and community, ensure the environment is carefully planned in order to provide social opportunities with both adults and other children and
support the holistic development of children through the integration of literacy and numeracy throughout the curriculum and routines.