Things to Know – Korimako Ruma (Under Twos)


At least 5 or 6 nappies for a full day (we do have spares if you run out at a charge of $2 per nappy)

Several changes of clothes – Gum boots, jacket, warm hat (winter) sunhat (we do have our own supply which are washed weekly).

Special toy/cuddly (if your child relies on one).

Plenty of food – snacks etc (see our healthy lunch snacks ideas) and formula if required.

Named drink bottles, lunch-boxes and containers

Name any special creams, ointments or medications and give to the teachers.

Your child is here to have fun and explore… we encourage tactile experimentation………messy play, sand, water and paint!! However, we do not enforce the wearing of aprons when a child chooses messy play activities as we believe this can ‘spoil the moment’ of creativity, experimentation and artistic flair. The products we use are non-toxic however they do sometimes stain clothing so please remember this when choosing the clothes you send for your child.

Policies and procedures are available on request from reception