What to Bring – Kea Ruma (Over Twos)


Named changes of clothes and extra named underwear if the child is toilet training (please see our toilet training guidance information).

Gumboots, jacket, warm hats (winter), named sunhat if you prefer your child to wear their own.

We hold a large supply of sponsored sunhats which are rotated and washed weekly or more often as required.

Provision of morning tea/afternoon tea optional (small charge applies).

Please write on the notice-board to let staff know if you have put food in the box or fridge.

Don’t forget to collect your child’s artwork and creations before you leave (there is a box in reception for creative pieces).

Please sun-block your child preferably before you arrive and sign the sun-smart check-list at reception (Our Slip Slop Slap policy requires children and teachers to be sun-smart). Sun-block will be reapplied after lunch.

Lost Property……lost clothing etc can be located in the basket at reception. At the end of each school term parents/whanau are reminded to check for missing clothing etc as all un-named property will be taken to the Red Cross.

Please tell teachers of any upsets/disturbances which may affect your child during the day – sleepless night, grumpy mood/upsets etc

Please support your child to find their name tag and choose a locker (they can’t look after their gear later if they don’t know where to put it).

Teachers will regularly encourage children to put shoes socks etc into their lockers or into the shoe bucket when they take them off.

All children are encouraged to tidy up however expectations differ between the age groups…..peer support is encouraged.

While we prefer that children do not bring toys with them to preschool (because of breakage or loss) any items of dependency (such as a cuddly, favourite bear etc) may be brought along as required. Obviously there is a risk involved and staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or breakage.

We encourage children to bring items of interest along to share at news-time (preferably not a toy), however suggest parents support the child to bring items which the child can tell a story about….for example something from nature, a photograph etc

Parent support is appreciated in regards to encouraging children to ‘tidy’ away at least one object before leaving, returning their name tags to the wall and collecting art work.

Policies and procedures we suggest parents/whanau/caregivers are familiar with:

Please see policies page.