Things to Know – Kea Ruma (Over Twos)


Always send along extra named clothing especially when toilet learning. Information on when & how to support and guide tamariki is available at reception.

Dress tamariki appropriately for the conditions – remember we like to go outside in all weathers. We have some extra clothing on hand but not always enough for everyone.

We can provide a healthy morning/afternoon tea (optional – a small charge applies).

Let kaiako know if you require food to be heated or refrigerated,

Artwork and creations are available to take home and are named and left in reception if you forget them on the day.

Please apply sun-block on tamariki before you arrive and sign the sun-smart check-list at reception. Our Slip Slop Slap policy requires tamariki and kaiako to be sun-smart during the daylight saving months. Reapplication occurs after lunch. For more information see our sunsmart policy.

Lost Property……lost clothing etc can be located in the basket at reception. At the end of each school term parents/whanau are reminded to check for missing clothing etc as all un-named property will be taken to the Red Cross.

Please tell kaiako of any upsets/disturbances which may affect your tamariki during the day – sleepless night, grumpy mood/upsets etc it helps us all when you share information with kaiako.

Please support tamariki independence to find their name tag and choose a hook (they can’t look after their gear later if they don’t know where to put it). We encourage tamariki to look after their belongings and help with tidying up.

While we prefer that toys are not brought preschool (because of breakage or loss) any items of dependency (such as a cuddly, favourite bear etc) may be brought along as required. Obviously there is a risk involved and staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or breakage.

We encourage children to bring items of interest along to share for news that tamariki cam tell a story about, for example something from nature, or a photograph.

Parent support is appreciated in regards to encouraging children to ‘tidy’ away at least one object before leaving, returning their name tags to the wall and collecting art work.

Policies and procedures are available at request from reception.

Please see policies page.