Our Day

How we spend our days!

Our day (apart from eating and sleeping when required) revolves around tamariki interests and meeting their needs – they lead the way and lead the play! (link to Methven Preschool philosophy)
They are naturally curious, active and eager to try new things; the preschool years are the ideal time to lay the foundation for learning.”

A moving child is a learning child

Our affiliation to moving smart (a moving child is a learning child) means we incorporate a physically active daily diet of movement-based curriculum throughout each day, building a natural foundation for academic success, emotional development, social engagement and personal fulfilment. http://www.movingsmart.biz/
We spend as much of our day outside as possible because we believe tamariki who play outside grow in character development: they become more adventurous, are more self-motivated, and they are better able to understand and assess risk.

We support social and emotional skills, self-help skills, and grow confidence so that academic learning naturally follows.

Getting out and about

Our curriculum planning also includes spending time out and about in our community or inviting guests into our preschool environment.

Our excursions include:
·        Playing in the park
·        Shopping in local stores
·        Stories in the local library
·        Joining in local school events (sports, Easter events, school shows, pet days etc)
·        School readiness support visits
·        Gaining knowledge of the work of our local heroes at the Fire station, Police station and St John’s.
·        Visiting the residents of Methven House – taking baking, singing songs & rhymes and reminiscing.
·        Harmony Gardens – A stile over the fence from our carpark allows us easy access to venture out and explore throughout the year.

Local events

We participate in all local events – the ANZAC day parade, the Methven Show and the local schools Scarecrow Trail and any other event that arises from time to time like the Light up Methven Parade, Mt Hutt Teddy bear sleepover etc.


We are presently working on our ethos for sustainability encouraging tamariki to reduce, recycle, and reuse. We recycle food scraps for bokashi and our worm farm.

We presently have a pet rabbit and an axolotl, promoting empathy and caring skills and regularly feed our neighbours’ hens and lambs

Family | Whānau

We also hold regular family/whanau events.