Methven Pre School Learning and Child Care Centre is a community based service that is run as a non-profit organisation, situated in the village of Methven, only 10km from the base of the world class ski resort – Mt Hutt Ski Area. The curriculum we offer is based on Te Whariki – the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum and we believe that children are our primary focus, with each child bringing their unique and exclusive set of capabilities and needs to our centre.
Please browse our site for information regarding our centre, settling in processes for children joining us, and our enrolment form. Please feel free, at any time, to come in for a visit to look over our top class facilities and meet the staff who will be looking after your child.

Our Team

Every child needs an established relationship with one teacher who is the child’s special ‘Key teacher’ who knows routines, likes, dislikes and strengths.

Our Facilities

 We are proud of our facilities both inside and out and believe they enhance the warm, friendly and fun environment that children and staff alike can enjoy

Daily Programme

 A range of experiences is provided throughout the day which supports children in the development of perceptual and sensory motor skills

Contact Us

Our Managers are available Monday to Friday to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email



Our Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Closed all statutory holidays.

Our hourly rate for childcare is $5.10 per hour. Booking outside the minimum hours may be accepted on a casual basis only if space is available due to cancellation.

We will continue to accept casual bookings outside the minimum booking hours when spaces are available.

Mission Statement

Methven Pre School (Methven Creche Inc) will provide quality early childhood care and education which is accessible to the local community.

It is our priority to work in partnership with parents/whānau; showing mutual respect and communicating with openness and honesty.
Our Statement of Philosophy and other relevant policies can be found on our policies page along with our Latest ERO Report (2015).

4 days ago

Methven Pre School

We were very fortunate to have Andrea McMurray from animal control come visit us to talk about being dogsmart.

Andrea taught us a new saying -

"What do we do if the dog is on its own?"
"Leave it alone"

If we see a dog on its own whilst walking, biking or on the scooter we stand back, put our bag in front of us and yell "GO HOME!"

We have to continue to yell "GO HOME!" until the dog leaves or someone older comes and helps us.

Something that many of the children didn't know was that we have to ask permission from the owner to pat the dog before going up and doing it. You never know the dog might not like being patted.
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Good job.

F loved it 🙂

Very timely information about wandering dogs

ThAnkyou 🙂

5 days ago

Methven Pre School

What a fun family event in the Garden of Harmony - a walk in the dark with torches and lanterns to find the 7 kites, following the path of the glowing (well we tried) 'star' rocks.... ... See MoreSee Less


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What a fab idea .... I LOVE it well done!

Lydia Taylor you were right about t lights

What a great idea. So good to see the Garden of Harmony being used.

Was such a fun night.

Well done everyone. What a wonderful fun night

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1 week ago

Methven Pre School

A fabulous visit with our 4 year olds - the children look forward to their visits to school and you can see why!
What a fabulous environment - thank you Tania Goodwin and all the new entrant class for making the children feel so welcome!!
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Wonderful pics 4 year olds,school looks fun learning too 📚🖊

Thankyou Methven Pre School. We really enjoyed your visit too! 😊

Oh my Presley is off to school Rebecca Quinn xxxxx

1 week ago

Methven Pre School

Another fabulous visit to the gym - thank you Mountain Gym and Shaz you are a star!! What a fabulous venue.
We are all discovering how well we can move our bodies!!
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Great photo's preschool it looks like a fun visit!

4 weeks ago

Methven Pre School

Thanks again Methven Primary - another fabulous visit! ... See MoreSee Less